For my first post EVER I thought that I’d introduce myself, I’ll try my best to make this short and sweet 🙂

1st my name is Jayna.

2nd I’m a student studying quite nerdy subjects (the maths + the sciences) who also has a passion for writing, odd, I know!

3rd I love music. Music inspires me in everything I do, I’m into a vast range of music, from rock to country and may or may not have an obsession with Kelly Clarkson.

4th I’m a deep thinker, always thinking of different scenarios, problems and solutions, which one the main reason I like writing, to me it’s done form of release from my head getting clogged up with thoughts.

5th I’m not stupid, I know that blogs take time to get even 1 read, and as much as I love writing, I don’t have a special talent in it. However starting this blog will help me on my own personal journey.

So that’s basically it.

*And breathe*

Jayna xo

2 Responses to “Hello!”
  1. Jeyna Grace says:

    A lot of people misspell my name as yours. It looks like we almost have the same name!

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