After wanting to read it for a long time, I’ve finally got down to it, I’ve finally started reading Delirium by (the talented and creative) Lauren Oliver.
If you somehow haven’t heard of it, Delirium is about a place where Deliria, otherwise known as love, is taught as a disease. Everyone that is 18+ are forced to be ‘cured’ from Deliria. So when the narrator and main character Lena is about to turn 18, she cannot wait to be rid of this hated disease and live life without worry. However as the days draw closer and she meets someone special, could her whole perspective change?
I haven’t got to that part yet, but I’m sure she’ll fall in love! I mean, imagine if love was took away from you and everyone around you, it’d be… Well, boring! You’d have nobody to genuinely care for and never be truly happy.
I can’t wait to see how the book will pan out, and even more excited that its a part of a trilogy, plenty more to keep me going!


4 Responses to “Delirium”
  1. You’ve peaked my interest here with this book. I know nothing of it. Maybe you tell us more as you read?

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