Open Letter: Dear Self Consciousness

Dear Self Consciousness 
You’re the part that makes me feel nervous, embarrassed, the reason why I spend every morning looking into the mirror to analyse the way I look. You are the reason why I look down to avoid eye contact from anyone in a higher social position than me.
Why do you kick so hard when I need you the least? When I desperately want to dance with a group I’m unfamiliar with, why do you tug so tight? Yet when I’m acting stupid and crazy in front of the boy I like irrevocably, why do you just sit back and watch? 
If you didn’t belong in my life, maybe I would act inappropriately in serious situations, however there are many more pros. I would be free. I would be free of my insecurity-filled self, and live life by the moment, the way that we all deserve to live. 

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