My Visit: Harry Potter Studio Tour


On Friday I visited the Warner Bros Studios in London for the Harry Potter Studio Tour. Being a massive Harry Potter fan I cannot tell how excited I was, but I can say that the tour did not disappoint.

It is an absolute must for Harry Potter fans. You get the privilege of seeing some of the most beloved sets such as the great hall, the actual costumes that your favourite characters wore *cough* Ron’s ball outfit and so much more.
If you think you knew a lot about the Harry Potter movies, then think again, because the tour was very informal too, with interesting info about every prop, place and outfit shown.
I have two favourite parts of the tour:
1. Standing in Diagon Alley – The whole atmosphere was magical, the lights, colours, and machinery. It was crazy how much detail and hard work had been put in the set which I never realised from watching the films.
2. The Hogwarts Castle model – They saved the best till last, the 1:24 scale model was beautiful and so carefully built. I even went slightly crazy and may have took too many pictures, it was upsetting to leave!
If you’re thinking about going, read my top tips:
•It’s a self guided tour, so take as long as much time as you can (but not ridiculously long.) Mine took nearly 3 hours, but you could take 13 hours if you really wish to!
•At first i thought we wouldn’t be allowed to take many pictures, however there were many photo opportunities, and it was only banned in a few rooms.
•Don’t buy the digital guide! It can be very tempting to buy it as Tom Felton is the narrator, however the information you need is on tv screens next to the attractions. Also, it makes it harder for you to tour at your own pace.
•Take enough money with you, there’s a lot of expensive overpriced merchandise which you’ll want! Plus it costs £12 for you to buy a picture of you on a broom in front of a green screen!
2 Responses to “My Visit: Harry Potter Studio Tour”
  1. Jeyna Grace says:

    Will definitely take note of all your tips when I do visit it one day 🙂

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