My Prom Experience

Last Friday I went to my Year 13 leavers prom, and I have to say, it exceeded my expectations! After the most stressful two years because of the painfully difficult A levels, it was such a good release to dance all of my troubles away!

I didn’t go to my year 11 prom because I wasn’t fond of my year group, and now I speak to only three people from my old school! But in my new school I met the most genuine people who I will miss deeply! *Sobs*

But enough about my history.. Let’s go back to prom talk!

What did I wear? I hear you ask. I wore a beautiful red long red dress which I bought from Sonique in Birmingham. I complemented it with silver diamente platforms and a clutch bag.

Prom dress

My look.

Pretty Lights

 I went for a more classic look with my hair curled to the side and focusing on my eyes for the makeup. (Though I’ll admit I absolutely hated my eye makeup! But my dress heavily compensated!)

I recommend to everyone out there deciding if they should go to prom to go provided you have a friend group who you are thankful for in your life and are certain to keep in contact with.


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