My Prom Experience

Last Friday I went to my Year 13 leavers prom, and I have to say, it exceeded my expectations! After the most stressful two years because of the painfully difficult A levels, it was such a good release to dance all of my troubles away! I didn’t go to my year 11 prom because I … Continue reading

My Visit: Harry Potter Studio Tour

On Friday I visited the Warner Bros Studios in London for the Harry Potter Studio Tour. Being a massive Harry Potter fan I cannot tell how excited I was, but I can say that the tour did not disappoint. It is an absolute must for Harry Potter fans. You get the privilege of seeing some … Continue reading

Open Letter: Dear Self Consciousness

Dear Self Consciousness    You’re the part that makes me feel nervous, embarrassed, the reason why I spend every morning looking into the mirror to analyse the way I look. You are the reason why I look down to avoid eye contact from anyone in a higher social position than me.   Why do you … Continue reading


For my first post EVER I thought that I’d introduce myself, I’ll try my best to make this short and sweet 🙂 1st my name is Jayna. 2nd I’m a student studying quite nerdy subjects (the maths + the sciences) who also has a passion for writing, odd, I know! 3rd I love music. Music … Continue reading